$30 Per Month $60 Per Month $110 Per Month $160 Per Month $200 Per Month
Up to 2 Live Sites Up to 5 Live Sites Up to 10 Live Sites Up to 15 Live Sites Up to 20 Live Sites
$30.00 or Less Per Site $20.00 or Less Per Site $18.34 or Less Per Site $14.55 or Less Per Site $12.50 or Less Per Site
500MB Storage 2GB Storage 4GB Storage 7GB Storage 10GB Storage

All plans come with unlimited pages, blogs, and users. And Harmony is free while you develop your first site. Only pay once you make it live! Imagine never having to install, setup, maintain, and support a CMS again. Have all your sites in one managed, reliable place. It really is that simple. Welcome to Harmony!

How many pages or blogs can I have in my sites?

Unlike other hosted CMS providers, we let you have as many pages, blogs, links, and blog posts as you need. Period. We know you have great content to share with the web, so why would we charge you for sharing it?

So what about traffic and bandwidth?

We want your site to grow. We want it to be successful. So if you have a great month of traffic, congratulations! That said, all our accounts are based off the traffic of a site that gets around 30,000 page views per month. While we don’t meter bandwidth, or page views, if we notice that your account is getting heavier-than-average traffic for an extended period of time, we may ask you to bump up to the next plan, or work out an alternative solution.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, we have no contracts, so you may cancel your account at any time. The easiest way to do this is to downgrade to the trial account. Please keep in mind that we do not offer refunds for cancellation of monthly or yearly plans.

Can you satisfy my IT department’s unique requirements?

Yes, you can run a privately installed version of Harmony behind your firewall. Private Install is perfect for organizations that want or need total control. Contact us at enterprise@harmonyapp.com to receive more information.

How many people can I have administrating my sites or account?

We believe in collaboration. So we don’t limit it. Give as many people administrative access to your site as you need, at no extra cost. You can also give people administrative access to your whole account, and they’ll be able to add and administrate any site in the account.

Can I switch plans?

Absolutely. If your needs grow, simply select a larger plan, and you’ll only be charged the prorated amount for the first month. If you want to downgrade, you’ll be given credit for the unused portion of your monthly fee. We do not offer refunds for downgrades, only ‘store credit.’

Can my site handle tons of traffic?

Most definitely. Our customers’ websites are often flooded with traffic from reddit and Hacker News. Our systems barely notice.

Can I give you a high five?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, send us your high-five photos to iloveharmony@harmonyapp.com, and we’ll be your friend forever. We might even post them somewhere to prove how awesome you are.