For Designers and Developers

No Server Setup

Create a New Site with No Setup

With Harmony, there’s no more server setups, no CMS installs, no FTP, no managing passwords, no database setups, no migrations, no configurations, and no more waiting for DNS to start developing. Your new site will be up and running in seconds, so you can get to work.

Flexible Templates

Completely Custom Data

Create the markup that you want, not what your CMS makes you use. Harmony doesn’t require any special tags or classes to work, you just place your data, however you need. From short to long pieces of text, to select boxes and file uploads, framing your site is simple and easy.

Automatic Updates

When new features and updates come along, you and your clients will have immediate access. No more running installers to upgrade features or security patches. We do the upgrading, the testing, and the data migrations for you, so you can focus on building and maintaining your business.

Single Sign-on

Once you’re logged in, access to editing all your sites is just a click away. No need to sign in to multiple administration areas, or have separate logins for all your client sites. And when you log out, you’re logged out of every site, too, so you can be sure you and your clients sites are secure.

For Owners and Editors

A Truly Intuitive Interface

Harmony has a Powerful but Simple Interface

Harmony is very powerful, but presents that power in an understandable, approachable interface and workflow. If you’re tired of having to relearn your CMS, or sending small changes to your developer because you can’t figure out your system, then Harmony is the perfect solution.

Complete Data Flexibility

Custom Data is Presented in an Easy to Use Way

Tired of managing your content using one giant input box? Wish there was a better way? Well with Harmony, your developer can specify the exact data that needs to be collected for your site, so you can stop worrying about formatting your content, and let Harmony do the heavy lifting.

Solid Reliability

Harmony is hosted on rock-solid hardware, backed up nightly, and monitored 24/7 by the best people in the industry. Our team is notified before problems even occur, so we can take action accordingly. No more relying on your developers to keep things up and running smoothly.

Data Security

We keep your data safe and secure, providing constant data replication, and multiple daily on and off-site backups. Never again worry that your site will be lost in a server crash. We take hosting your data very seriously, and do everything we can to keep it secure.